Hoover receives award

As an active member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences for over 20 years, Dr. Larry Hoover of Sam Houston State University will be recognized with the organization’s Founders Award on March 6 in Boston.

The Academy is a part of the National Association of Education in Criminal Justice and currently holds over 2,000 members.

Hoover said that Sam Houston has always participated extensively with the organization, and added that he is not the first SHSU recipient of the Founders Award, but rather follows former recipient Dean Richard Ward.

“It really speaks well of Sam Houston to have two recipients,” Hoover said.

A 13-member awards committee reviewed the nominations for this year’s recipients of the Founders Award, and the Board of Directors chose Hoover from their recommendations.

Hoover said some of there are many requirements that must be met to be a nominee for the award.

“Nominees need to have made a lasting contribution, not only to the Academy, but also to the field of criminal justice,” Hoover said.

After serving as president of the Academy in 1983, Hoover has continued to contribute through his research in police program evaluations, police management and perspectives and more.

“It is a very great honor to be recognized by the college,” he said.

Besides personal benefits, Hoover said winning the award helps SHSU by increasing the possibility of obtaining grants and job placement for the graduates of the university.

“It benefits Sam Houston to have faculty receive such recognition in terms of enhancing our national reputation,” Hoover said.

For more information on the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences or the

Founders Award, visit http://www.acjs.org

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