Humphrey’s serves up a different type of food at reasonable costs

When Humphreys was opened last spring it brought with it a refreshing change into Huntsville–a different type of food at a low price.Humphreys menu contains traditional Greek gyros, pitas, sandwiches, subs, pizzas, salads and more.Being already acquainted with the menu and the quality of the food at Humphreys I was more than willing when entertainment editor, Matt Menefee, asked me if I would like to get a free meal and write a review about the food there. So, on Wednesday night I traveled to Humphreys with two other staff members and ate a Greek chicken gyro. The gyro was great. It contained an ample amount of chicken with fresh lettuce and tomatoes wrapped up in tasty pita bread. The spread for the pita was a traditional Greek dressing composed of yogurt and cucumbers, which might sound a little strange but it was actually very good.Complementing the gyro was a bag of chips and a pickle. I touched neither of which, because the gyro was so filling. The next time your stomach starts talking to you and you have $5 to spare, stop by Humphreys and try a gyro. And before you leave remember to tip your waitress, especially if her name is Stefanie.

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