Huntsville Dogs in Need of Rec Area

I have read more than enough articles about the night life around Huntsville. The “journalists” seem to ignore the people that don’t like to go out at night. What is there to do during the day? Yes, we have a bowling alley, movie theatre, Corner Pocket, and the Kat Klub, but what about those of us who can’t afford to spend money at these places. Specifically I am talking about the students with pets. I am writing to bring to your attention that Sam Houston, if not Huntsville needs a safe fenced in place for people to take their dogs. Personally I am tired of trying to walk mine down a busy street; dogs need room to run around without the threat of oncoming traffic. I’m not considering the dog owners with yards here, only those in apartments. It’s hard to exercise a dog in a small to medium size apartment with no pet recreational area. What I propose is that the city needs to find a small parcel of land in which dog owners can take their dogs to play freely, interacting with other canines, as well as giving the owner’s time to meet others with similar pet related interests. However, I am uneducated as to how to go about a proposal such as this. If anyone has any ideas, or agrees that we need a dog park, just write. I’m open to suggestions.

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