Huntsville-Walker County Chamber of Commerce offers citizens history, culture

Huntsville is one of the oldest and most historical cities in Texas. The Huntsville-Walker County Chamber of Commerce exposes its citizens to the history and culture that surrounds them everyday through different events and programs.

It has scheduled a combination of speakers, storytellers, culture and creative expression to educate the citizens of Huntsville.

The Chamber is closing the month of January with a program from the Storytellers Guild, a nationally acclaimed speaker and open house on Main Street.

The Colonneh Storytellers Guild meets at Sam Houston Memorial Museum at the log building between the Steamboat House and the blacksmith forge on the fourth Tuesday of each month. The program will be held on Jan. 28 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Nancy Hunter Denney, speaker and writer on the subject of leadership within professional organizations, is coming to SHSU’s Criminal Justice Auditorium with a lecture titled “The Future is Yours to Create: A Look at Life and Leadership” on Jan. 28 at 5:45 p.m.

Denney has been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences around the country. She currently runs her own speaking and training business POTENTIAL Leadership Training and Lectures, and wrote the book, “Life by Design,” which is a motivational text that uses a home improvement context to inspire the reader to make necessary life changes of any size.

She has appeared on numerous radio and television morning shows, including ABC and NBC in Chicago, discussing her life improvement strategies. Recently, she appeared with Dr. Phil at the Women Conference in Indianapolis as the opening keynote.

Denney’s first “do-it-yourself” motivational book, “Life by Design,” provides the tools for finding happiness in life. Nancy’s second book, “Let Your Leadership Speak: How to Lead and Be Heard,” is a co-authored effort designed to help others make a difference. Her three signature keynotes are based upon these writings.

The Main Street Open House on Jan. 30 is a two-year anniversary party from 4 to 6 p.m.

“You can come and go as you please,” said event coordinator Kassandra Brewer. Those who come can enjoy refreshments and are eligible to win gift certificates to businesses around town, according to Brewer.

The Chamber of Commerce has many cultural events planned for the community this spring.

“Everything I Say Here is Straight and True: The Autobiographical Drawings of Chief White Bull” will be on display at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum Feb. 4 through March 16.

Joseph White Bull, Minniconjou Sioux chief and nephew of Chief Sitting Bull, was a typical Sioux warrior. Since their culture was dependent on the fighting qualities of its men, the Sioux developed a social system that gave first position to the bravest warriors.

White Bull, like other warriors, celebrated his achievements by depicting the events on a tepee cover or buffalo robe. These drawings, later transferred to ledgers obtained from army or trading stores, provide both colorful art and historical record.

Huntsville Community Theatre will present the comedy, “Mornings at Seven,” Feb. 5 through Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. and at 2 p.m. on Sunday. The cost to attend is $10.

The SHSU Department of Student Activities will present speaker, Joe Martin as Part of the Society of Success & Leadership Speakers Series Feb. 25 at 5:45 p.m. in the Lowman Student Center Ballroom.

Martin’s presentation is titled, “True Colors” and is part of Black History Month. During the program, Martin talks about five reasons racism exists and how you can take action against it.

He will share a personal story about a kid from the ‘hood and a redneck from Alabama who are college roommates. In his story, they learn from living together that one cannot take a stand against racism until first understanding why it exists.

Martin is a professor, author, speaker and educational consultant.

He is the author of the top selling book “Tricks of the Grade,” and the founder and president of Real World University, the largest student success center on the Internet.

Martin was voted Speaker of the Year by the Association for Promotion of Campus Activities. He has appeared on numerous television and radio talk shows, and has been featured in several newspapers including USA Today, the Miami Herald and the Atlanta Constitution.

Throughout the semester, the Chamber of Commerce has planned craft shows, pottery and blacksmith demonstrations, plays and dance performances.

For more information on future events and times, check out the Chamber of Commerce Web site located at

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