Ignorance is Bliss

This campus needs a call for action. Students across America are dominating universities with their collective voices, yet the closest thing that comes to being qualified as a protest on this campus is a series of articles about Quanell X speaking on campus.

He spoke to raise issues on campus, and due to his speaking, issues were brought to the forefront.

Yet this noble newspaper elects to silence those voices of disagreement and asks them to “Get over it.”As a supposedly objective newspaper, this does seem close-minded.

But that is not the gist of this letter.That is not the point that I am trying to make, although it is important.

Students at this university walk around with their heads held high, perhaps too high and are disentangled from reality as it exists in the world today.

We, as a generation, are going to be responsible for what happens now in America for the rest of our lives.

But protests against the injustices taking place today are non-existent at SHSU. I know that this is a very, very conservative campus, but there must be some voices of dissent, lurking about somewhere. There must be someone who looks at life with a worldly view and does not believe that it encompasses Huntsville, Texas and the parties and clubs that populate the lives of the majority of students at SHSU.

In a campus as party-oriented as Sam Houston, it would appear that the only protest that would take place would be if the price of beer were to rise.

Nothing is being said or mentioned against the government, in the figurehead of Bush and his illogical logic, and his constant tirades to attack Iraq.

Sporadically, the editorial page of this newspaper does offer a glimmer of hope.

Several weeks ago, an article was published concerning the War on Iraq. Largely, that article went unnoticed and ignored, buried beneath The Love Doctor and relentless spewings on the speech of Quanell X.

On Tuesday, March 11, the paper devoted several pages to ‘the night-life’ in Huntsville, just merely listing a series of places that a student can go for cheap drinks and further dull their minds with alcohol.

The editorial page on last Tuesday’s paper consisted primarily of articles picked up off the U-wire, which is a nationally syndicated news media.

Besides the Viewpoints editor’s article, there was only one student article, dealing with the ‘serious’ and ‘dire’ social issue of dating.

The editorial page is designated as a page to discuss things that are affecting us as students, yet there is little or no mention of the War on Iraq.

This makes this campus an oddity.Colleges throughout America are holding true to the idea that they exist as the foundation of thought and reason, and these colleges, such as UT, UH and Rice are holding true to this idiom by realizing and protesting these injustices that are taking place.

In short, at this campus, we walk around with big smiles constantly on our faces.

For when it comes to the rest of the world, many of us believe that ignorance is bliss.

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