In Defense of Planned Parenthood

Last week I found myself reading an article about Planned Parenthood in SHSU’s Houstonian. I was left enraged by what some people believe and the unfounded accusations of what Planned Parenthood stands for. I strongly defend the works of Planned Parenthood and would like to explain a little about what they really stand for.

The first thing that I would like to point out is times change and sexual activity before marriage is becoming not only more common in this society but almost expected. No one can change this. Forcing opinions and beliefs will get no point across, instead it creates hostility and misinformation. If a group does not wish to participate in ensuring the women of their community’s health, so be it. Whose place is it to judge other’s actions and deeds? Should society stand idle while women suffer needlessly, or should there be a safe refuge where help can be administered without religious persecution?

For me, Planned Parenthood has served as a place to get away from the mentality of “abstinence is the only way”. This society has a double standard for adolescents. In reality sexual promiscuity before marriage is not a social taboo as once was, but we are still taught that it is wrong. Adolescents and young adults are not prepared for the ramifications of such activities; someone must provide support when times require them. Also, when young women reach puberty there are natural health issues that need to be addressed, having nothing to do with sexual activities. Planned Parenthood helps provide these services that all women need. Planned Parenthood does not encourage women to have sex or have abortions. Instead they accept the way things are in this day and age and serve as a group willing to give guidance, financial assistance, and help in as many ways possible. Women can get health services such as exams and birth control at the typical doctor’s office, but where does this leave the poverty stricken women that can’t afford the office visit, the young women too ashamed or scared to go to the family physician and would otherwise be untreated, and the intimidated young women treated with the dead end response of “what you’re doing is wrong; just don’t do it”. At the clinic, women can be tested for many diseases, viruses, cervical cancer, and bladder infections, just to name a few. This aids in the prevention of potential vaginal or uterus problems. Planned Parenthood gives significant financial discounts and clients can be served anonymously if needed. Perhaps more high school students should take advantage of Planned Parenthood, so that they will not be forced to give up their chance for an education and a normal teenage life with an unplanned pregnancy or various complications. If you are familiar with the European society, you know that sex is a free-spoken topic. Prevention is offered all over varying from free birth control pills at the hospital to condoms handed out at school. Notice, there is not an overpopulation problem or rampant STD outbreaks where they accept and do not deny the issue. Planned Parenthood faces these issues and offers an alternative other than “abstinence is the only way”.

We should support this program that’s only intention is for the well being and good health of its community. Whether or not some of the practices fit in with certain people’s moral ideals is not the issue. This country stands for freedom. At times we must think not only of ourselves but of others. Providing these services ensures that everyone may enjoy a healthy life. Who would deny that to those among us that need it most.

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