It never mattered to me!

Changing the graduation date and only receiving eight tickets never mattered to me until I thought, “What if I was graduating?” Then I kept hearing rumors that if this procedure worked well for this graduation, it would then be continued from here on out.Um…can I just let out a big fat NO?Yo Doc! What were you thinking when you enforced such a big decision? Did you think to ask anyone that it mattered to?I don’t know if you’ve heard the saying, “Don’t make me call my grandma!” My roommate this past summer, used to always say this and it always made me chuckle. But she’s right in this case; if you don’t change some rules, you’re going to hear from at least 1,028 grandma’s of graduate and undergraduate students that have filed for May graduation.On Tuesday, the Office of the Vice President for Student Services and Student Activities sponsored “Sixty Minutes” with the Preza time that students can come and talk with our university president about important issues that we have and are concerned about.The 60 minutes wasn’t 60. The meeting was about 10 minutes and “let me feed you pizza and drinks.”Questions about graduation tickets and why the date had been pushed back were the major subjects brought to discussion, but then the doc himself let out the reply: if anyone else had any more questions, to come talk to him in person.Sounds to me like he didn’t want to talk about graduation. However, because so many students have unanswered questions, a discussion about the subject is unavoidable.It’s great that you’re trying to get involved in the student’s lives, but can you try and address the topics that we truly want to hear about? Can you spend a little more time asking and actually listening to our needs?Recently, in The Houstonian, an advertisement for the “Sixty Minutes” with the Prez, states that Dr. James Gaertner, “…is the man who’s concerned about students. He’s the man who’s concerned about YOU.”Obviously, he’s not. If he were so concerned with each student, wouldn’t he have at least tried to ask the graduating students what they thought? Have you ever heard of a poll?Dr. Gaertner, you obviously weren’t concerned about the students when you allowed the changing of the graduation dates, the final exams schedule and enforced receiving only eight graduation tickets.If you really are for the students, a little word of advice: act like it!

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