Justice For All Display

I was dismayed to see so little coverage of the “Justice for All” (aka the genocide display) by Students for Bio-Ethical Equality from our campus newspaper. The reason they came was explained in their brochure that, “Valuable information and dialogue about abortion are absent from the typical student’s university experience. Herein lies the need for the Justice For All Exhibit. [This enormous display boldly told the truth of the injustice that] the most affluent society in history kill off so many of its youngest and most vulnerable members” (Quoted from their brochure).I was disappointed that one lone young woman determined to have the truth be hidden by screaming at the top of her lungs and taking signatures to restrict this organization from coming back to our campus next year. I wonder if I would see that same young woman protesting a cosmetic manufacturer for the ethical treatment of animals. It amazes me that most young people would pay $7 – $10 to go watch two hours of the most gruesome murders you could depict in a movie but say they are offended by this display. I applaud the Students for Bio-Ethical Equality for having the courage to come to our campus with their display. As a “product of conception” myself from one of the two extreme cases many people would agree as a reason to abort a BABY, that is rape and incest. I am most grateful to my mother for choosing life and so are my 5 children and my 2 year old grandson! Rebecca Smith stdrfs13@shsu.edu

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