Kat fight

Although Southwest Texas State holds an 0-5 Southland Football League record, the Bobcats are going to make the Bearkats fight for the conference championship this Saturday in San Marcos at 2 p.m.

Both an experienced Bobcat defensive line and a strong running game will challenge SHSU.

“Offensivley we need to do a good job moving the football, moving the chains and scoring points,” SHSU head coach Ron Randleman said. “And our defense will have another good challenge protecting our quarterback.”

Despite losing defensive powerhouse C.J. Carroll, SFL Player of the Year in 2000, SWT has managed to rack up 27 sacks for 190 yards this season.

While the Bearkat offense is going to be looking out for the Bobcat defense, the Bearkat defense is going to try to hold the SWT running game.

“They have two very fine running backs, and again, we’re going to have to be able to contain them, and that’s going to be the challenge for the defense,” Randleman said.

The Bobcats have 1991 total offensive yards with their two biggest contributors Bronson Sanders and Lee Davis rushing for 872 yards and 532 yards.

“Our defense needs to shutdown their offense and get some take-aways,” Randleman said.

The defense will also be putting pressure on SWT’s young quarterback Cody McCauley who has completed 98 of 185 passes for 1143 yards and 6 touchdowns.

“We’re going to want to put a lot of pressure on him,” Randleman said. “That’s how you get take-aways.”

Randleman also said McCauly is not a drop back guy yet, so they will be running the option more and trying to move him around.

SWT, which was ranked No. 2 in the SFL to open the season, is suffering through a four week losing streak.

“I’m sure they’re going to look at us as an opportunity to finish up with a good taste in their mouth,” Randleman said.

But the Bearkats are not concerned with that as much as claiming a conference championship.

“We know that we have to beat them if we want to be conference champions, and our focus is what we have to do no matter what their scenario is,” Randleman said. “We just have to play hard, and that’s what you always have to do in this league to win.”

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