Learn your lesson, move on!

I happen to be an individual who loves to read the school newspaper from cover to cover. I am very much a passive reader although there have been times,when I have wanted to write to the paper, I have quietly sat back and simply listened to others.

However, I feel compelled to write “THE LOVE DOCTOR”. I was reading the second article in the Feb. 20 paper…in which you respond to a “gentleman” who cheated on his girl.

Gentlemen for a lack of more harsh words. Let me just say, men have one time to break a woman’s heart. He seems to have done a rather fine job at it.

Personally he did the same thing my ex did.But from a woman’s standpoint, there is a difference between accepting his apology and letting him back into my life.

It is nothing off my shoulder to say, “yes you messed up and you ruined the relationship and yes I forgive you.” Most importantly I said, “I don’t want you in my life.”

My advice to him is learn his lesson and move on! As one of my favorite country songs says at the end “If you love someone, you’ll set them free.”

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