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Attn: Houstonian Editor in Chief

My name is Scott Miller and I represent Texas Lions Camp here in Kerrville, Texas. We are a non-profit camp for children with physical disabilities and diabetes. As the summer is quickly approaching and many of your students are likely to be looking for summer jobs, we are interested in giving them the chance to come work with our special kids. I am interested in what the cost, if any, would be to place this article in your student newspaper. I know that the students enjoy reading your paper and it would be a great way to make them aware of the great experience they can gain from having a summer job working with these children, or internship with our organization. I understand how the school paper system works; I was an editor for 4 years. I understand that some issues you often do not have any spare room on your pages, and in other editions you are lacking in content. This is where I hope the “article” can come in handy. We are interested in placing this article in your paper at the lowest cost possible. Since we are non-profit and run totally from donations, if you feel the “article” could be placed for free, then your generosity would be greatly appreciated. If not, please just let us know your lowest possible price and we’ll let you know what we would like to do. Thanks for your time, patience, and help with this. It is things like this that make it possible for us to provide the best camping environment for these kids, and give them experiences that will last a lifetime. Please contact us with prices, information, and any questions. Since i couldn’t find a real e-mail, i will forward on the article when you get back to me with more info.

Thanks Again,Scott Miller – Station Director (

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