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Press Release: Immediate


Tyler, August 13, 2003: Home Tree Media started mailing customers new CDs of Mindtronics and Inquiry Alive! This is the second edition of Mindtronics: Science, Social Studies, Inquiry Alive! and Inquiry Alive! If you bought either one of the books, but have not received an email asking for a current address where HTM may send your new FREE copies, contact HTM (with your order number), at info@hometreemedia.com, or write to: Home Tree Media, P.O. Box 132541, Tyler, Texas 75713-2541. Mindtronics and Inquiry Alive! are both, now together, on one CD-Rom, adapted to bring topical and historical subject matter, research, and thinking skills, in science and social studies, to teachers for elementary through adult level.

Inquiry Alive! (113 pages) presents the basic inquiry tools including sample discrepant events (story-type narratives), the inquiry outline process, sample student/teacher dialogues, the inquiry lesson syntax, question and answer guidance, theory support, leading formative summarization, developing metacognition, integrating inquiry into instruction, and more. Mindtronics includes 100 discrepant event inquiry modules. Each module, about 4-5 pages, provides the following features: discrepant events, disciplines, key concepts, problem statements, probable solutions, possible student hypotheses, fact sheets, reference and resource pages, active Web Links (about 30 per module–over 3000 total), and grade levels, in 555 pages. Each discrepant event module fits into a self-contained lesson.

While most animals survive on taste and smell cues, humans survive on audiovisual cues. Inquiry teaching and learning fires adhesive learning. Adhesive learning merges knowledge, sticking in students’ minds, because it inspires students to face contradictions, to examine independently and through group actions, motivating them, helping them to react less impulsively. A logician’s eagerness adds a zest for more learning, to find balance, to distinguish truths, and to explore beyond our audiovisual cues. If you often use teacher-centered approaches, Mindtronics and Inquiry Alive! breathe analytical life into study topics bringing valuable content and concepts together, through student-centered lessons.

Home Tree Media is now offering special back-to-school prices on Mindtronics and Inquiry Alive orders from schools and school districts. The purchase orders must include an original of this news article for each CD and, total three or more combo orders; these purchase order prices for schools and school districts, arriving before October 1, 2003, will receive a 50 percent discount! Home Tree Media will fill your order immediately and postal mail an invoice with your CD(s). To secure the 50% discount using Web articles, email info@hometreemedia.com*This offer is invalid for HTM online orders.

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