More bass!

I am really glad I do not live in the UPA complex. This has to one of the worst apartment complexes in Huntsville. Why? Because of the constant loud booming rap that seems to play there 24 hours a day. Where are the police to tell these people to turn that stuff off? Visiting my friend, who unfortunately for him resides there, I could not help but notice the almost constant bass in the background. “What is that?” I asked him.”You get used to it,” he said. Get used to it? I don’t think I could ever get used to that. Why do people have to play their music so loud? Especially at night? It could be 3 a.m. and I swear you could walk out my friend’s door and hear the bass somewhere. Maybe I’m not cool or I haven’t been raised on the streets but at least I respect the neighbors around me. Why do some people feel the need to put huge bass speakers in their cars and cruise around anyway? Do chicks dig this? So please, next time you want to listen to your stuff, consider the people around you. We might not be in the mood for some music.

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