Mr. Quanell X

Respectfully Mr. Quanell X.

I appreciate the strength of diversity that SHSU represents. I appreciate that you were offered and accepted the opportunity to speak at the Lowman Studen Center in a forum of respectful consideration. I would have liked to have had attended.

After reading your “truth class message” in the Houstonian, I am able to say I strongly disagree with the vast majority of the viewpoints you expressed.

You say white people should make reparations for the injustices of their ancestors against the African American as a class of people, yet you are against affirmative action. You ask for reparations through better services, but what, and how? What services should our government pay for that would benefit Blacks? Or should we tax those with a light enough shade of skin? Should these services be only for Black people or for all Americans?

Mr. X if whites were wrong to push their Euro/Anglo centric view of Jesus as a white man then I believe you are just as wrong for your “Burnt is Black” attitude. Yes I believe that Jesus would be considered black in our modern times. Yet 2000 years ago in his time I don’t believe the black / white color of skin issue was considered to be of importance, at least not in the middle-eastern world. Consider; if Jesus were thought of by his community to be a racial minority or underclass due to the color of skin, or for any other reason, would he have risen to the position of stature among the Rabbis that allowed him his ministry?

Wasn’t it much after the time of Jesus that technology, geography, social power and evil deeds by selfish persons began to shape the black face of the slavery? Those that took advantage of the great poverty of the black populace living on the African continent set the stage for many centuries of injustice based more and more on the color of a persons skin. Until the color of skin itself was the justification given for the injustice itself.

Evil persons of every shade of skin purchased and sold slaves of all color throughout history. Even today slavery continues in many countries. United Nations troops have recently been reported spending their wages in houses of prostitution where women are actual slaves. We have come so far yet the road back is so steep. All of us are stronger together than apart. Mr. X your message is lacking. I believe that as a leader you could do so much more by looking forward with others to progress; than backward alone for blame.


Thomas A.

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