Not a typical Spring Break

More than 40 students from Sam Houstons Baptist Student Ministry participated in its 21st annual “Beach Reach” mission at South Padre Island last week.These students teamed up with over 350 fellow members to share Gods gospel while providing safe transportation and breakfast to those who were at the island during spring break.Todd Johnson, director of the Baptist Student Ministry at Sam Houston, said the mission was a straight evangelist trip.”Its where the Lord called us to go, and thats where we went,” he said.The BSM provided free transportation for those on the island from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. each night.To prevent students from driving drunk, the ministry passed out telephone numbers where students could call to be picked up and taken to their destinations. All rides were located on the island.”It was very organized,” Johnson said.During the ride, BMS students shared their faith about Jesus with other students.”We were never forceful,” Johnson said.Some students were responsive to the ministry.He said one girl said she admired the ministry and wished her faith was as strong to do what they were doing.”Some were really open about it,” Johnson said. Over 200 people gave their lives to Christ, he said.Some students were not as open.”One guy was upset and jumped out and ran away,” Johnson said.Johnson said the trip was not an average mission trip.”It was different but at the same time exciting,” he said. “Learning to look at people through Gods eyes.”Johnson said he was very proud on how his students shared their faith boldy.Tracy Chidester was one of those students and said the trip itself gave her confidence to share her faith.”It made me realize that I dont have a close enough relationship with God, and that I need to work harder,” she said.Chidester said her main objective was to share her faith and encourage others to follow Jesus.She said she has done all the routine spring break activities, from going to Cancun to staying at home.This year was different for her.”This year, I did it the right way,” she said.

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