Nutritional expert to give healthy message today

Deanna Latson, an internationally recognized nutrition educator who has spoken to over 100,000 people at universities and companies around the world, will be at SHSU today to share her thoughts on how to “Eat Right, Feel Good, and Look Great!”

She will lecture at 5:45 p.m. in the Criminal Justice Center Auditorium.

Latson’s presentation is currently the No. 1 health lecture on the college circuit, and she has been nominated for “Speaker of the Year” by the National Association for Campus Activities.

Latson is a member of the Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine and leads motivational seminars for students at Stanford University during the summer months.She received her master’s degree from San Francisco State University where she also instructed for five years.

Latson exploded onto the speaking circut in 1998 with one of the most popular National Association of Campus Activities National Lecture Showcase ever performed. She transforms audiences with nutrionally sound health advice.

Before switching to better eating Latson suffered from an eating disorder, excess weight, severe migrains, colds, flus and low energy.

During college she began eating right and dramatically restored herself to great health within one year. Her story is featured in several books including “Perfect Body” and “Major in Success.”

Here’s what people are saying about Latson.

“Deanna was wonderful. The students absolutely loved her. They even walked to the student center in a snow storm and to me it was definately worth it,” MJ Cochen, Greek advisor, Morningside College.

“You’ll be blown away at how funny, entertaining and life changing Deanna is,” Stephen Sporer, University Texas San Antonio.

“Deanna even visited our campus before her talk so she could help students with their food choices on campus,” Robert Shaw, Programming Board, Arizona State University.

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