On the beaches of Hawaii

As I sat pondering what activities I shall partake in during Spring Break, my thoughts soon became dismal because of the cold, hard reality of my limited funds.

On past occasions I have used the weeklong vacation to catch up on unfinished tasks and regroup my priorities, thus making my return to my chosen institution of higher education more productive and less taxing.

But, this year is different. Because of my status as a senior I contemplated the notion of enjoying seven days and seven nights of self-indulging, unbridled debauchery. But then again, no, I have no money. So, I will have to satisfy my precipitous ambition by imagining that I have unlimited funds.

When deciding where to take myself, and my caravan of comrades, my aspirations shifted to the South Pacific. I will visit the pearl of the Pacific, sunny Hawaii.

The decision was made easy by the variety of things there is to do on the islands.

First, to get there I will charter a leer jet. By doing this I will avoid the seven-hour flight from Los Angeles. The next choice for me to make is who to take with me.

Fun loving companions are first and foremost. They must be spontaneous, energetic, and be able to appreciate the finer things in life.

Who better to fulfill that requirement than four or five Houston Texan cheerleaders. I don’t think a free trip would be much of dilemma for the gals. Besides, it would be a good opportunity for them to do some promotion for the team.

Perhaps we will have luau in their honor. I can think of nothing better than sitting on a pristine island beach, watching fire dancers and hula dancers, listening to the waves crash with the setting sun for a backdrop, while drinking out of a hollow pineapple shell.

Next, I would hire a chef. That way, I’d have a gourmet meal for breakfast, lunch and supper. I would make sure that he is trained in all the culinary arts. He would probably be the highest paid member of the party, but so what, money is not a problem. He would also serve as a bartender.

While in Hawaii, I would hire a Samoan guide.

There are hundreds of hiking trails in Hawaii. The guide could tell us which ones to avoid and which ones are the best. I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple of those picturesque waterfalls that seem to flow right out of a side of a cliff.

Something else about Hawaii that is kind of cool is that it doesn’t have any poisonous snakes. Or, at least the last time heard there wasn’t any.

I would also use the guide to find out where the best hand gliding is.

I would also take in some rock climbing, parasailing, and snorkeling while I am there. Another thing I have always wanted to do is scuba diving. That is definitely a must do.

Since I am on an unlimited budget, I would most certainly do some island hopping. There are cruise ships that run between the islands, but I wouldn’t take one. That is for tourists.

Nope, I would hire a boat captain. I don’t know much about boats, but it has got to be fast and big.

Nothing is too good for Spring Break. Well, I think that about does it. That should fill up the week substantially.

Now, back to reality.

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