On the story called ” Most deserved month for the most deserved people”

How can you put an article like this in the school’s newspaper? Knowing that all this information is incorrect! African Tribal leaders sold their own people into slavery for profits. One also should remember that it was Abraham Lincoln who introduced the Emmancipation Proclamation which eventually freed the slaves. Also, it was inventors like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Henry Ford that made things like the light bulb, the telephone, and the advancement of the automobile to take place. I do not have a problem with not having a white history month, but how can you say that white people have never done anything and have nothing to celebrate. How can you say that white people have never struggled? When they fought for their own independancy from the British in the American Revolution. Also, how can you say that you all have “raised education and economic leves” when you have the highest drop out rates?

So, how can you write an article like this and forget all these facts?

Kristy and Kim

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