One must first understand the concept

I normally would not respond back to a reply that I have received in the paper, but because of the many questions I received about my poem; it seems to me only fair that I explain myself.

I will start by saying this, in order for one to be able to reply to an article, they must first understand the concept that the article was trying to convey. As seen by the response I received on Tuesday, April 15, 2003, the concept was not fully grasped. So, I am apologizing for writing an article so simple in scope, yet so difficult to understand.

Since most of the people I talked to did not really recognize the point I was tying to make, I will explain it in simple terms and not be blinded by the truth or persuaded by lies. First, I must point out that the title of my poem was “The Language of Women” and the point I was trying to make to women was simply to be direct.

I do not really believe that women have their own language or that they can’t be trusted. I was only stating the fact of the matter is, that when trying to communicate a point to a significant other, women tend to beat around the bush and they don’t just come out and say it. They play games, mislead, toy with our minds and expect us to know what it is they mean. I am here to tell you that we don’t.

So in the future ladies, just be direct, because if you are we will understand.

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