Pan People Steelband performs on Wednesday

Program Council is to host a steel drums concert performed by Pan People Steelband. According to the Web site, Pan People is one of the more prominent steel bands in the Southeastern United States. The group consists of seven people of various ages, and was founded in 1986 by students and faculty in the Atlanta University Center. The band continues to entertain and educate about the unique art form. The steel band owes its historical roots to street processions, which eventually evolved into the annual carnival celebrations in the islands and in many U.S. cities. In 1838, the Act of Emancipation freed the slaves in Trinidad. For many following years, the freed Negroes celebrated the anniversary of Emancipation on August 1st by marching in bands in the streets and singing Kalinda songs. The parades were called Cannes Brulees, in memory of the cane fires during slavery. The African drum was the original instrument that provided music for these processions. The Tamboo Bamboo Ordinance of 1884 banned the playing of African drums in the Cannes Brulees parades. Tamboo bamboo appeared to fill the void in the music of the carnival created by the banning of the drum. With tamboo bamboo, pounding pieces of bamboo of different lengths on the ground made music. A gin bottle struck by a spoon was added to increase the overall pitch of the band and to provide a melody instrument. Kandice Harris is the driving force behind this event. “I saw the group in concert and I thought it would be a great idea to bring them to our campus” said Harris.The pannists of Pan People are talented musicians from the United States and the Caribbean, including Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Pan People offer a wide range of music suitable for any occasion or taste. The band’s repertoire includes the traditional music of the islands, calypso, soca and reggae, as well as rhythm and blues, jazz, hip-hop and the classicsboth contemporary music and the old time favorites. Let us excite your musical taste buds with The event is free and open to anyone who would like to attend. It will occur on Oct. 30 at the Alumni Fountain. In case of rain, the concert will be moved inside to the Paw Print. For more information contact, Harris at 294-1763 or visit the Web site at

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