People of California voted on name recognition

It was nothing short of outstanding to see two letters commenting about my recall day piece from last week. It means that the following are true: someone other than my mom is reading what I write, and what I wrote caused at least two people to think about the matter to the point they felt their views should also be heard. Mission accomplished.

I would first like to address Mr. Jenson. You either have a wealth of knowledge in celebrity politics, or you did a little home work. I am well aware of the various sports and movie celebrities involved in government.

Many of them are either mayors or congressmen on some level. Had Schwarzenegger run for state or national congress I would have been on board with it. Heck, if he would have ran for governor during a normal election I would have probably been at least mildly in favor of it.

Congressional or manorial positions are a good place to get political experience without having any mistakes be too costly. The governor of California has more power than the leaders of some small countries. I am only opposed to Schwarzenegger because of the current situation in California.

Undoubtedly there will be lawsuits soon over the sexual misconduct Schwarzenegger has already admitted to which will only make a tough job even tougher. Despite being labeled a left-wing liberal by Mr. Jensen, I favored Sen. Tom McClintock for the job. McClintock is a Republican.

As far as Tim Robbins goes, I don’t like him one bit. I’ve long been in favor of both he and Susan Sarandon shutting up and just making movies. They put a damper on the Bull Durham anniversary party. Enough said.

And now it is time for Mr. Bouley. To answer your question I am stupid. No one has said so more times than myself. For crying out loud, I had to look up the word “diatribe” after reading your letter. I was hoping it was a compliment. Also, I am no elitist. I find it is much more interesting to see life from the bottom up vice top down.

I am sad that you fail to see the intellectual value in The Simpsons. Knowledge and wisdom is everywhere, it’s just a matter of sifting through the garbage.

My “inherently stupid” comment comes from the saying, “Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups.” As individuals we may be intelligent and informed, but as a population we make mistakes. People will vote for a name they recognize with no qualifications before they would vote for a qualified person with no name recognition almost every time. I don’t care what anyone says, that is not smart.

And as for democracy and our country, Mr. Bouley, I spent six years serving my country in the US Navy. I was directly involved in combat in Iraq in 1998 and Kosovo in 1999. I have toed the line for my country, something most people cannot say.

What have you done Mr. Bouley?

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