Philosophy program starts Video/Discussion series

The Philosophy Program introduced the first meeting for the fall of the Philosophy Video/Discussion series held on Wednesday.This is a program that gives interested students an opportunity to discuss philosophical questions on various topics during Wednesday meetings. Inspired by the acclaimed series of videos “The Examined Life,” students have a chance to voice the thoughts after watching a video during some meetings.Dr. Frank Fair, the Coordinator of the philosophy program, said that the video would be the foundation for most of the topics.”This would be easier to put together a philosophy club with a program with a series of videos to start discussion topics,” Fair said.After the half-hour video, students can bring up issues that that particular video may raise. Students will be able to discuss the topics in an atmosphere that is not similar to a classroom. Students will be able to bring drinks and food to each meeting if they wish.After selective meeting times, students will be able to do a free-for-all on any topics selected at the meeting the week before.”After the discussion on Sept. 17, students can suggest any topic they wish to discuss for the next meeting on the 24th,” Fair said.Fair also said this program will promote the chance for students to hear other points of view and be able to respect the views and grow from it.”The experience in sharing other points of view and being able to figure out what makes sense on issues that surround all of us.”Any student interested can attend the next meeting held Wednesday for the topic, “Can we know God through experience?”Each meeting will be held on Wednesdays in the AB4 in room 313 at 3:00 and will end promptly at 3:50.For more information contact Dr. Frank Fair at 294-1509 or at

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