Pizza Pro pizza – affordable, fast, and good

If you have a hankering for ham, they got you covered. How about penchant for pineapple and pepperoni? No problem. Would chicken make you cheerful, well then, maybe you should choose Pizza Pro. Pizza Pro is flying high in the pizza-pie sky as the new kid on the fast food block in Huntsville, opening last September. We tried the large single topping pepperoni and one of their specialty pizzas, the veggie that was covered in onions, green peppers, olives, cheese and mushrooms (which we didnt really care for and picked off). The specialty pizzas include the aforementioned veggie, the pro special, pro deluxe and the slightly suggestive meat to please pie. The Pizza Pro pizza pie provided a pleasing crust that was light and yeasty. Now, being a fan of the thin crust pizza, I, Amanda, found the minimal amount of crust perfect. Most of time I find that there is too much crust and it often overpowers the bouquet of the sauce and meat products, as I am a carnivore unlike other Houstonian writers on this page.Dan on the other hand, said the crust was too thin and made the pizza seem like spaghetti sauce on a soggy saltine cracker. He said a thicker crust would have been better, however it was quite tasty. Dan said its crust, while on the thin side was so tender he almost didnt have to chew. Its the lazy mans dream come true. The pizza was overflowing with cheese and toppings, which we both found to be delectable. The veggie pie had the most toppings we had ever seen on a meatless pizza ever before in the history of vegetarian pizzas that we have ever seen. It was 14 inches of pure produce. However, a little bit more sauce would have been nice. At $10.24 for a one topping large (14-inch) pie, Pizza Pro is value-riffic. They are also quick, delivering the pizza in about fifteen minutes. Overall, Pizza Pro is a punctual slice of pizza pleasantness.

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