Planned Parenthood protest

I just read the article published a couple of weeks ago about the protest outside the planned Parenthood (PP)clinic by the Coalition for Life group. I personally beliieve that it is a female right to choose anyway but I had a problenm with several things that they said. First off, they claim that PP encourages young people to have sex. I think that if they are concerned with protesting companies that encourage sex they would do better spending there time standing outside the major TV networks. Also, they claimed to be against birth control pills. I disagree with this stance for several reasons. First of all, I am against poeple having children that they do not want. I know that people will say to put these kids up for adoption. But without birth control there would be no homes left for all the unwanted children to go to. I also believe that birth control is needed to slow down the rate of overpopulation which wordwide is getting to be more of a problem. I also strongly agree with federal money being used to support supplying women with birth control because much of this goes directly into reducing the numbers of children that a low income family has which lowers the welfare rolls and is much cheaper alternative than supporting their children. I also hear these people saying that they don’t want their federal tax dollars being used for such practisces as birth control but this leads me to wonder how many of them see a doctor. I personally know of not a single doctor that will not prescribe birth control pills to their patients. When these people pay for their doctor visits they are putting money into the hands of someone they believe is killing our future.

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