Planning a quiet evening at home

For some students, the nights were made for partying, for going to the bar and having a good time with friends, but not all students enjoy nights out on the town. Some students prefer to spend a quiet evening at home, whether alone or with friends or a significant other. The possibilities for an evening at home are almost limitless there are many things one can do. All it takes is a little imagination. Student can always stay in to study or clean, but after spending the week in classes and at work, a break from the ordinary is usually wanted.One cannot beat the tried and true quiet evening of ordering a pizza and watching a movie. Blockbuster and Hastings both have a wide array of movies to choose from, at prices even poor college students can afford. Blockbuster has new releases available for $3.49 plus tax, while older movies are $1.99 plus tax, said Mary Midkiff, Blockbuster employee. The newest releases are two-day rentals, while all other movies are weekly rentals. Hastings has five-day rentals, with movies ranging from 49 cents to $3.49 for new releases.For the days before payday when money is especially tight, a potluck dinner and conversation with friends could be the ticket. Invite friends over and ask them to bring their favorite dish and suggest topics for discussion. This allows people the opportunity to impress friends with their cooking abilities and knowledge on various subjects. With each person bringing a food item, the cost of the evening is cheap for all while providing a hot, home cook meal. The conversation offers food for thought, and the best thing is, talking is free.For females, a quiet evening home alone can be an evening of pampering, allowing time to take bubble baths, paint fingernails or even just catch up on sleep.Senior Jami Bourne said she likes to watch television and pamper herself when she is home alone. “I sometimes like to paint my finger and toe nails, give myself a facial and take a bubble bath,” Bourne said. “Sometimes, I read a book and watch television.”Lindsey Mehne, freshman, said she usually sleeps when she spends an evening at home. “That’s all I do is sleep,” she said.For men, a quiet evening can be a time to hang out with the guys, watch Sports Center or play a hand or two of poker.For couples interested in doing something together, cooking a meal could be a wonderful break from going out for dinner and a movie. The Internet has several Web sites with dinner ideas for two, from drinks and appetizers to entrees and desserts.” When I’m with my boyfriend, we usually order pizza and watch a movie, but sometimes we make dinner together,” Bourne said.When Mehne and her boyfriend, sophomore Dustin Savage, spend an evening together, they said they usually watch television. Whatever students choose to do, a quiet evening at home could prove to be a relaxing and cheaper alternative to a night out.

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