President gets recalled

This Letter to the Editor was composed in response to all of the uncalled-for changes that have occurred relating to future graduations, and is exclusively directed to the president of our university, Dr. Gaertner.Sir, I want to start by apologizing in advance if this letter comes across as being disrespectful. I realize that you are not entirely accountable for all of the changes that have been implemented regarding our graduation; however, since you’re the president of our university, “the buck stops with you.”Dr. Gaertner, since you came to this university, there has been a sequence of unneeded changes to future graduations.First, it was recommended that seniors attend their graduation ceremony and then take their final exams. When I heard this proposition I almost had a heart attack. I am going to be straightforward with you and say that that was the most ignorant thing I have ever heard!The purpose for this change was that professors were getting fed up with writing two different exams. Give me a break! Professors are getting paid a nice salary and on top of that, they also get plenty of time off. I was in the military for almost a decade, so when a professor can say that he or she has done the same thing, I don’t want to hear them whining about having to do too much work.Secondly, it was recommended that our graduation date be pushed back a week. Many of us, in addition to myself, have made plans after graduation a long time ago. One student who wrote to the school’s newspaper stated he was planning to get married May 17.Since graduation got pushed back to that date, he now has to choose between the two most important days in his life: getting married or attending his well-deserved graduation ceremony.The third needless change that was made relating to our graduation was that we are now restricted to the amount of guests we are allowed to invite.Texas A&M, which is a much larger university than SHSU doesn’t limit the number of guests that are allowed to attend.Also, I have attended three graduation ceremonies, two in December and one in August. On all three occasions I have noticed that there are more empty seats than seats that are being utilized.Dr. Gaertner, I agree with the student that wrote a Letter to the Editor last week proposingthat instead of limiting the amount of guests a student is allowed to invite due to fire hazards, why don’t you contemplate having more ceremonies than just two?Sir, the student body including myself, is getting frustrated and fed up with the revisions that “you” are implementing concerning our future graduation ceremonies. Please stop making changes to our graduation process.On a final note, I think we need to recall Dr. Bobby Marks as our university president.

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