Presidential candidates speak out: Angie Cartwright

An exciting time is rapidly approaching at SHSU–choosing the select group of student leaders to represent your voice in the Student Government Association (SGA). This is an important time because there are pressing issues that concern our university and student body on many levels. This is why it is necessary for the the leader of your student body to be the most experienced, capable, hard-working and knowledgeable individual. I am an individual who meets these standards. I would bring with me, not only years of tested experience in SGA, but also innovative ideas for the future of SHSU and its student body.

I am involved in a numerous amount of student organizations here on campus in which I show the leadership skills I possess. I am the first vice president of Millennium M.O.D.E.L.S., social programming chair of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, member of the Black Student Alliance, as well as a BSA college bound mentor, mentor in the SamMentor’s program, Outstanding Freshman Sammy Award winner, and last but certainly not least the Student Life committee chair of the Student Government Association. I am a proven leader and that is why I ask for your support in voting for me as president of your SGA.

One of the main issues that I plan to focus on as president will be: to see that SHSU keeps the historic and prestigious name that has been with it since the inception. As you may know, Southwest Texas State is attempting to change its name and ours in a deceitful process through the Texas Legislature. I wholeheartedly oppose such an action. Not only is this not cost effective but it would destroy the great history and bright future of our school. I am currently part of the fight in lobbying against the Southwest Texas Senate bill # 928, and I have traveled to Austin in order to do this. I am proud to say that this particular attempt to change our name has failed, but I will do everything in my power to make sure such an action that would disturb the wonderful legacy of SHSU is never attempted again.

I would also like to see our school grow academically. SHSU over the years has grown to be an international institution with students of various cultures and backgrounds from all over the world. It is my belief that one’s culture and background greatly influence the education that one receives and that one imparts to others. This is important because SHSU would stand to benefit academically by attaining a more culturally diverse faculty and staff to meet the educational needs of an increasingly diverse student body. It is also very important that our faculty and students have a strong bond, and in order to build that bond between students and faculty, I would like to implement a faculty and student round table in order to discuss issues that we face as students and issues that the faculty faces.

Implementing a quarterly news letter to inform the students of the issues and concerns that are addressed at the Board of Regents meetings would help our university tremendously. A couple of years ago, the Board of Regents approved the parking structure that is being built today.Many students are against the parking structure, but if a newsletter were distributed to the students and students were to voice their opinions it is a strong possibility that it would not be an issue.

As an SGA senator for the past two years and chair of the Student Life committee, I have had the wonderful experience of handling the problems and concerns of students. I have seen the need for more administration-student contact on our campus and have taken steps to address that need. Safety and security in and around the SHSU campus have also been major issues that SGA has been dealing with this year. With the help of the Student Life committee of SGA I have put forth legislation through the Student Senate to address concerns about safety in our campus cafeteria. This legislation has led to an anti-slick surface being placed on the tile in front of Caf Belvin.

If elected student body president I have many plans in store for our university and our student population. This brings me to my next issue. I would like to re-implement the League of Organizations and meet with the presidents of the student organizations so that when speaking with administrators I will be able to voice the concerns of the students as well as the student organizations. It is important for the student body president to serve the students and not just SGA.

These are only a few of the issues that we as students of SHSU must address, and you have the right to be informed and represented by a capable and concerned student leader. As an experienced leader with an outstanding record of working for the students I am asking for your support in leading this university to a brighter future.Vote for Angie Cartwright for SGA president April 23-24.

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