Production company hopes to improve Huntsville’s music scene

A local production company is trying to put an end to the lifeless downtown Huntsville nights and weekends

Obediah Productions Inc., plans to resuscitate the almost non-exsistant live music scene and keep students here on the weekend.

Founders Obediah Klopfenstein, Drew Hosseini, and Jonathon Palmer started the production company, located in Huntsville, and are committed to finding new talent in all different types of musical acts and genres.

Obediah Productions’ goal is clear,

“Huntsville’s music scene could be vastly improved. Our goal is to progress the economic growth of Huntsville by improving the live music scene,” Klopfenstein said. “There’s a whole entire audience here (Huntsville) that want to see a variety of live music and have few places to do so.”

Klopfenstein went on to discuss ways to develope a better music atmosphere and gain revenue lost by students and citizens who spend money to venture outside the boundaries of Huntsville.

“Money spent on travel expenses could be put toward the economic growth of Huntsville and SHSU,” Klopfenstein said. “I want to keep students here on the weekend.”

The always adament Klopfenstein then shared his limitless ideas throughout the interview.

” There is an untapped market for economic growth in Huntsville that is keeping these students away from the town in general,” he said.

Obediah Productions will be presenting its next concert, in conjunction with the Huntsville Music Festival, on May 9 at the Richmond Hall located next to the Old Town Theatre downtown.

The evening’s show will consist of a few bands (Creative Letdown has already committed),guest DJs and surprise MCs coming in from Dallas and surrounding areas.

The show will offer free CDs, T-shirts, door prizes and of course an extremely welcomed Wet T-Shirt Contest (men need not apply). The festivities will begin with the doors opening at 7 p.m.

Tickets will be sold for $10 at the door. Pre-sale tickets can be purchased through vendors whose names will later be announced.

Tickets can also be purchasedby calling Obediah Productions at 936-662-5751 or by going to its Web site at for more information on the company.

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