Professors need to take etiquette classes

Do professors have an honor code to live by? Or are they basically here to teach just the material and that’s it? Well, on a recent event, a professor of mine doesn’t seem to understand the concept of a teacher-student relationship and how he/she should encourage the students and not discourage them. (I will be using the method of “he/she” because I fear for my grade and do not want to expose anyone.) This particular professor took it upon himself/herself to undermine a student’s intelligence and use verbal tactics to get around from calling this student just plain stupid. For example, this student was having trouble grasping the concept of an assignment and this student asked the professor why was it that he/she was getting poor grades. When the student asked the professor, he/she blatantly responded that the student was the only one who didn’t grasp the assignment, the student was the only one who did the poorest, and that everyone else did great except for the student. If one reads in between the lines, this response told the student that he/she was stupid for not understanding the assignment. This professor assumed that the student wasn’t paying attention when he/she was teaching and the student said he/she was.What I found appalling was that this professor made this student upset. I cannot speak for this student, but I can speak for myself when this same professor did it to me about a month ago. I won’t go into details because I know that this professor will fail me because of this article. To sum up the experience, he/she belittled my interests in my studies and made me go home crying because I felt like I was the dumbest person for not understanding something. This professor had the audacity to stand before me and tell me how terrible I will do in the world if I was to continue with my desired major. I felt so horrible that I wanted to end my life because this professor made me feel like my three years in college was for nothing and I was heading the wrong way all this time. What gets me angry still is that this professor felt like the argument that we had was bantering and he/she continued to belittle me as if it was a joke. Class after class, this professor continues this banter with me and now he/she continues with this other student.I know that I’m in a bigger world now where professors don’t care whether or not you show up to class and whether you do you homework or not, but I thought that professors were suppose to help you when you don’t understand, not make you look like a fool in front of the whole class. This professor doesn’t know a thing about helping his/her students except that he/she has to come out on top no matter how hard this professor has to step on the students to get there. Every time this professor made a student feel bad, he/she gets a high off of it. His/her smug look told me and the rest of our class that this professor didn’t care how bad he/she made us feel as long as his/her point came across that he/she was smarter than all of his/her students. My advice to the students is this: do not take this professor and do not let professors like this win. Professors like these are the ones that are stupid, and we as students should not take this kind of abuse. We should be able to take whatever major we want and strive to succeed in it. We should be able to ask questions when we don’t understand without the fear of being called stupid. We shouldn’t be at a university where the professors make us feel stupid. Do not be scared or fooled by the title “professor.” They should not be allowed to do this to students. Stand up for yourself and this professor will see that belittling students’ intelligence is not only unethical, but it is not teaching.

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