Program Council to sponsor “Let’s Talk About Sex”

To better inform students about sex and sex-related subjects, Program Council will host “Let’s Talk About Sex” on Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. in the LSC Theater.”Basically, it will be a panel discussion with one member on the panel, Julio Ascencio, a counselor with Huntsville’s Planned Parenthood,” said Godwin Etak, programming chair with Program Council. “We’ll discuss STDs, pregnancies, different alternatives for safe sex, measures you need to take if you have sex everything in the area of sex,” he said.The program has been in the works for a while, and meets on the criteria of PC, part of the educational programming.PC is sponsoring the program because “people need to know more about sex,” said Etak. “You don’t know everything about sex, no matter how long you’ve been having it,” he said. “You learn something different everyday, whether it’s about STDs or about how to better please your partner. It’s a never-ending topic, a never-ending discussion.”PC would like for students to become better-educated concerning sex. “I want people to walk away feeling like they learned something,” Etak said. “It’s going to be entertaining, as well as serious.”The event is free to all interested, and PC is expecting a large turnout for the event.”We’re expecting a packed house,” said Etak. “We’ve told the campus organizations and Dr. (James) Johnson has informed his human sexuality classes. We’re trying to slowly get the word out so more people will come.”Students seem receptive to the event and believe it is a good program to offer. “It’s a good idea,” said Cali Luco, sophomore criminal justice major. “A lot of people have reservations talking about sex.”PC is the official programming body at SHSU. It sponsors a variety of social, recreational, educational and cultural events on campus.For more information regarding the “Let’s Talk About Sex” program or any other PC event, contact PC at 294-1763 or by e-mail at

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