By: Evette CornishI read the school newspaper every Tuesday and Thursday, but this week I decided to respond because it doesn’t look like this debate is going to end anytime soon. I was fortunate enough to see Quanell X speak that day. I must say that he wasn’t “dangerous” and he didn’t cause any “riots” as I heard many people babble before his arrival. All the man did was state his opinions on various topics–no one was forced to see or hear him speak. For the record, I don’t agree with everything that Mr. X says: I don’t want to attend an all Black college, I don’t agree with reparations, and I don’t care if a Black man dates a White Woman. However, I do believe that I would have missed out had I not heard him speak. I felt like I was a part of history! It gave me a chance to feel what my ancestors experienced from slavery up until the 60’s. Yes (Ms. Doyle), I did cheer, but I am not the ignorant one. It is easy for white people to say that X is a racist and that all of this is ridiculous. Yet, you are not the one’s that have to constantly fight for equality, justice, and opportunity. I wish people would stop trying to pretend that everything is all good and fair. Racism is still very alive, how can you just ignore it? I commend X for being one of the few people who are not afraid to talk about it. I also want to know why people keep comparing Quanell X to the KKK?? The two are very different. The KKK are cowards who meet in secluded areas and hide their faces with hoods. Quanell X is just the opposite–he wants everyone to hear and see him. The KKK participates in hate crimes and sensless murders of African-Americans. Quanell X is not out to harm anyone intentionally. In fact, he made it clear that if minorities wanted to take over–they could, but they would not do what the white man did to them. In conclusion, I am not a racist–some of my best friends are White (no seriously!) and I really wish we could all “just get along”. This however is reality, and if you think that EVERYTHING X said was just thoughts of an angry Black man, then you are truly blind.

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