Quanell X

As an aspiring activist, I would like to submit my opinion on Quannel X’s insightful speech last night, as I am sure someone walked out and completely missed the point because they were blinded by all the preceeding talk of how blantanly racist he was. I have to admit that I walked in expecting what I had heard about him. It’s a good thing that I am one to judge for myself because after hearing Quannel, I walked out with a heightened passion for what I believe and a new sense of enlightenment. I am not sure what other people got out the program, but the most postive thing Quannel spoke about was self-help and self-respect. You cannot ask someone else to respect you, if you cannot first respect yourself. You cannot ask someone else to help you, until you have tried to help yourself. This is what my whole belief system is placed on. While reparations in the form of goverment assistance for schools, health care facilities, and neighborhoods is needed, I think that we as African Americans should not put complete dependance on that. Let’s be real: That may never happen. So, those of us who go on to make it need to give back to our communities. Too many do not. We waste opportunities presently available to us, by giving in to stereotypes and wordly pleasures. We disrespect our people, bodies, neighborhoods, and then expect others (those same people who have discriminated against us for so many centuries) to do the opposite. Though blatant slavery happened so long ago, a more suttle, new slavery exists. As long as we fail to continue on with our ancestors legacy of progress, it will always exist. In closing, look at yourself black people, my people. Make sure you remember what it took to get us here, and don’t forget about that. Build on that. Give back. Don’t wait for someone to push you along. You are not helpless. Prove them wrong with your ACTIONS. Unite.

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