Race to be governor of California is a joke and should be left to the politicians

Throw in a retired child television star, a pornographic magazine publisher, former baseball commissioner, a comedian everyone forgot about, a porn star with a huge bust size, several actual politicians and, of course, everyone’s favorite: Ahhhnold and you have only a few of the people running for the Governor of California. Without barging into the political issues of who is for what matter and how one candidate feels about the other, I think the fact that these celebrities have even decided running for office is a joke. Is it possible for the Californians to take these candidates seriously? Gary Coleman the governor, yeah right, or Gallagher, what is he going to do to for the budget, hit it with his huge mallet? The entire basis of Coleman’s quest originated from a joke by a local radio station that said they would pay the costs for Coleman to enter the race and virtually no one has heard of Gallagher for years now. Another group of the Californian “funky-bunch” is the aging porn star Mary Carey, who is obviously trying to raise her “B-movie” status by dancing on stage at a political forum in a demeaning outfit. Who knows or who even cares about she will lower taxes?Despite the slew of flabbergasting candidates, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the worst in my opinion, because he is one of the few candidates taking this political race seriously. Unlike the other hopefuls, he does not need the attention and publicity the election brings him. His campaign is mediocre, and his stance on issues is cloudy. Sometimes Arnold seems like he woke up one morning and was like, “Well, I think I might run for governor today?” The media portrays Schwarzenegger’s race as something of extreme significance, when in fact his stance on issues rivals what some people call gibberish.During his interviews the day after his announcement on the very classiest of opportunities, oh wait, it was the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Arnold was hesitant to answer any of the real issues on his campaign. He even resulted into not hearing one of the questions, during an interview with Matt Lauer, claiming there was an “electrical problem” with his earpiece. Electing the Terminator would only result in cheesy lines during public speeches and confusion at the political office. Could you imagine Arnold eliminating items on the budget with a “hasta la vista?” I know seeing Arnold bench-press his opponents would be a very cool thing to see, but let’s leave the politics to the politicians.

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