Remembering Kettle waitress Marina “Momma’ Meyer

It’s 3 a.m., the day before the anatomy test. Got to study all night, got to get some coffee and distraction so it’s into the car and down to the Kettle. Momma is waiting, always with a smile and a cup.

For many students at SHSU this is not an unfamiliar occurrence. This morning as I read the Item, there on the front page was the story that put an end to an institution. Marina “Momma” had died in a head on collision. Another vehicle had hit her on her way home from work.

A 21-year-old driver and his two teenage passengers, after an argument with a fireman, sped off until crashing into Marina’s vehicle. I do not mean to imply that this was intentional, but thanks to this act, Momma is gone and the driver and the passengers may be as well.

I remember the first time I met Marina. It was 2:30 a.m., and I had just gotten off of work. Everyone I worked with was there and introduced me to Momma. I was immediately made aware of two simple rules: Have fun, but keep it under control and watch the language.

Then it came time for her joke, a classic and if you know Momma you know the joke. From then on when I walked in, my large OJ was on the way–always Momma. It never mattered who you were because she knew what you wanted or needed. Momma made everyone of us feel like her children. She was there to support us, chastise us when we needed it, but mostly she was always Momma. This wonderful woman never had a harsh word for us. She just kept us in line.

For many of my friends and many others, things will never be the same. Momma was one of those parts of being here that made it home. She was our matriarch and our friend. Whether you were there for your time or a regular, she was always Momma. I feel sorry that so many students will never learn from this woman, never know the wonderful feeling of her person.

For her family we can only feel a part of your loss, we grieve with you. For the many of us that will miss her remember that she is always Momma. She will always be with us and a part of SHSU for us. Momma we love you and will miss you, thank you for allowing us to experience your light and all you had to give.

Shane Tuck, Keith Savage, Ryan Carlton, Elizabeth Morrow, Lindsey Sandefur, Sarah Hoffpauir and all those who love you.

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