Response to Mr. Drake’s “LP” editorial

First of all, try checking facts before you make a stereotypical, uneducated assumption about the spread of AIDS. Although the percentage of homosexual men infected with HIV/AIDS is the largest at 42 percent, the number of men and women infected through heterosexual sex and injection drug use are closely behind them. Thirty-three percent of those infected with HIV/AIDS are heterosexuals. Additionally, although high-risk sex plays a part in the spread of AIDS, other factors are found to contribute to the overwhelming number of new patients infected with the disease, such as race. Statistical information on this subject can be found at Traditionally, lesbians (gay women) have the lowest rate of sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS; lesbians have a lower rate of STDs than any group of heterosexuals. Why aren’t we all lesbians?Secondly, you think that homosexuality should remain socially unacceptable and taboo. Here are other examples of things society found unacceptable and taboo: the women’s movement, the civil rights movement, interracial marriage, voting, owning land (if you weren’t a rich white male), etc. Anything that challenges the views of the majority of society will be found unacceptable by that majority. White men did not want women, black or white, or black men for that matter to vote. Why? That would have displaced their power over other groups of people, the minority. Many things throughout our history have been viewed as wrong, just because they weren’t the societal norm. That doesn’t actually make them wrong, just different.Additionally, opposition to homosexual equality and freedom (much like you) base their ideas of what should and should not be allowed in our society on religious and traditionalistic views. These ideas are biased, unfounded, discriminatory viewpoints based on myths and misinformation. The inability to procreate should in no way belittle the love and union between many gays and lesbians. Love knows no gender. If procreation is the essential goal of marriage, why should postmenopausal women be allowed to marry? Your statement about “Jack and Bill going up the hill” reminds me of a time last month when I was at a shopping center in San Marcos. A group of boys, around the age of 10 or 12 started laughing and shouting: “Ha ha there goes a guy in a pink shirt. That guy’s wearing a pink shirt.” That’s how immature and ignorant your comments sound. Are you so insecure with yourself that you feel the need to make the same comments as a middle schooler?You are proof that there is a commonality between Laramie and Huntsville, or even Fred, Texas, where you’re from. Fred is probably a small town much like Huntsville. The commonality I’m addressing is narrow-mindedness, but that isn’t an epidemic suffered only in Huntsville or Laramie or Pittsburgh (where I’m from); narrow-mindedness is everywhere. Gay people know that; they even expect it. Don’t feel like your small-town, conservative, religious views are any surprise to them or will, for that matter, make any difference.

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