I know this is kind of long, but I would really appreciate it if you could still publish it in one of the editions after the Thanksgiving break.Thanks.

For those of you that think discrimination is dead in this country, you are wrong. Just because it doesn’t happen to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to others. I am glad that there are students who have found a “home” in the RTV Department. The fact remains, however, that others have not. What I want to first and foremost say is that there are not enough minority professors here at Sam. To Ms. Musallum’s comments that NO minority professors apply: Do you mean to tell me that in all of the continental US NO minorities apply? I don’t think so. You say that the young ladies who have started this all did not do their homework. Well, obviously you have not either. Why don’t you go ask the appropriate officials what programs or policies they have implemented to diversify our faculty? You will see what kind of answer you get. I have asked, and it seems that only well after I graduate will I see the campus diversified. Now, if the issue is that you don’t think having minority professors is not important, well that is different and then, once again, you are wrong. If we are going to have diverse programming for our diverse student body, then why shouldn’t we have a diverse faculty? To some, it is important to sit in a classroom and look around to see someone who looks like you. It is important to have someone who looks like you, who knows where you are coming from to give you advice, to be your mentor. Many students cannot say that here at Sam.Now, respectfully, Ms. Musallum, you may be a minority and not have experienced any discrimination, but the harsh reality is that you don’t directly look like a minority, it is sad to say, but in life, that has its advantages. Trust me, I know.Respectfully, to Mr. Barr and his article: You implied that students are suggesting that just because there are no minority professors in the RTV department they are discriminated against. You also implied that these students feel like they should have special treatment. Well here it is: No one wants special treatment. We just want equal treatment. It is as simple as that. And I don’t think that they would cry discrimination just because there are no minority teachers. Something obviously happened, and neither you nor I know what it was. So, I don’t think that it is fair for you to assume not knowing the facts. And, you are correct; just because you are white you should not receive special treatment. You said that this is the “real world”. So, why don’t you take it as it is and realize that whether you experience it or not, racism and discrimination are alive and well! Unfortunately it is hard to prove subtle discrimination to those who commit it. Now, about your comment on growing up and being thankful for what we have: We are thankful, but if a situation arises, you better believe that we will rise with it. How do you think we’ve gotten this far?For future writers, do your homework before you write in so that you don’t make a fool of yourself as Mr. Barr did when he suggested that perhaps these ladies should talk to the department heads and professors about the situations. NEWSFLASH: They already have.

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