RTV student doesn’t see problem

I’m either blind or I just don’t pay close attention to what is going on in the RTV department, but I don’t see any discrimination in the department. Do you think just because there are no minority RTV professors that you are being discriminated against? I think not. We have one of the best RTV programs in the state and we need to thank Dr. Cochran, Dr. DeMars, Dr. White, Mr. Booras, Ms. Rosati, Mr. Balas and Mr. Porche for being the best RTV professors and instructors they can be and for making this department what it is. They strive to give everyone in the department a decent education, regardless of what color your skin is. These professors are also the friendliest staff members you can ever get to know. I simply don’t see any discrimination in the RTV department. You shouldn’t be entitled to special treatment. Everyone uses the same production rooms, news rooms, studios and editing rooms. The school should not have to spend extra money and increase the cost of tuition just to satisfy you. Just because I’m white, doesn’t mean that I get any special treatment! As a matter of fact, I receive no special treatment by any of the professors in the RTV department. Just because there are no minority faculty members is no reason to cry foul. This is the real worldyou take what you get or get out!All I can say is Ms. Fuslier, is that you are wrong, absolutely wrong about discrimination. I see no evidence anywhere of discrimination in this department, and if there isPROVE IT! I certainly don’t see any discrimination going on! Your petty squabbling will get nothing! If you don’t like the state of this RTV department, then go somewhere else or talk to the department head and the professors themselves. Otherwise, just grow up and be thankful for what you have!

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