Sam grad hid grisly criminal past

It turns out that you may not know your campus peers or coworkers as well as you think. Faculty, staff and students at Pennsylvania State University were shocked to learn in June there was a convicted murderer among them.It has been reported that a professor at Penn State who was a graduate of SHSU was convicted 40 years ago on three counts of murder, according to the Associated Press, “with malice aforethought in the 1965 deaths of three fisherman along the Intracoastal Waterway south of Corpus Christi.” The professor, Paul Krueger was sentenced to three life terms. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, he faced the electric chair, but the victims’ families did not want the death penalty. Krueger pleaded guilty and faced a life prison term until he was paroled by the governor of Texas in 1979.After being paroled, Krueger went on to get his master’s degree, an Ed.D., and three doctorates. Krueger was a business professor at Augustana College in South Dakota before teaching at Penn State University in 1999. In 1965, 17-year-old Krueger and a friend, 16-year-old John Phillip Angles, left San Clemente, Calif. and passed through Texas. Angles grew up in Venezuela and met Krueger at a military school in New Mexico. They kept in touch with each other during breaks. At the time, Krueger lived in San Clemente and Angles lived in Hollywood. An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer said Krueger was giving Angles a ride to visit his brother one night and was issued a speeding ticket while driving his mother’s 1963 Thunderbird. Angles said that Krueger got so angry that he demanded they run away that night and head to Venezuela to become revolutionary fighters or “soldiers of fortune.” Reports indicated that they stopped at Krueger’s home to get rifles and bullets. The next day, April 12, 1965, on their way to Mexico, they stopped at a bait shop near Corpus Christi to rent a boat. The teenagers discovered that the outboard was too weak for the current and thought about going back when they saw an abandoned fishing hut. They found half a bottle of wine in the hut and drank it. On their return, they saw three men fishing on a pier along the Intracoastal Waterway near Corpus Christi. The men, 38-year-old John D. Fox, 51-year-old Noel D. Little and 40-year-old Van D. Carson left their local homes that day for an overnight fishing trip. According to the Dallas Morning News, Angles testified that Krueger had a sadistic grin on his face and said “I’m going to kill those people.”At nightfall, the men headed for shore. According to reports, Krueger took an automatic rifle from the boat and began firing as he walked toward the three men. The men instantly died and fell into the water. Krueger then walked down the pier and fired the remaining bullets into the bodies.Angles was found the next day in Kerrville, Texas and Krueger was found 10 days later in a desert community in Mexico. The district attorney for Nueces County in 1965 referred to the shooting as “the most heinous crime in the history of the Gulf Coast.”Penn State spokesperson Bill Mahon said the policy is now under review, but the university usually doesn’t check the criminal backgrounds of the faculty. Mahon also said Penn State wasn’t aware of Krueger’s conviction until June when the university was contacted by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Probation and Parole.In an interview with the AP, Mahon said the school has never had a situation like this happen before. “We’re in shock to find out some of the details, and we’re still looking into it.” Corrections officials described Krueger as a model inmate. While in prison he earned his diploma and an associate’s degree, volunteered with alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs and reported for the prison newspaper. In 1977, two parole commissioners called Krueger “probably the most exceptional inmate” in the entire state. “There is nothing further he can do to rehabilitate himself.” Krueger’s employment status at Penn State was unaffected. Krueger planned to teach at National University, in La Jolla, Calif. as an associated professor of business. National University spokesperson Hoyt Smith said Krueger had excellent credentials. “He came highly recommended from Penn State.”However, Krueger was not offered the job at National University. A statement released in August by Shahram Azordegan, dean of National University’s School of Business and Information Management, said that keeping Krueger on the faculty “would be inconsistent with National University’s institutional values and the best interests of its students, alumni, faculty and staff.” Upon receiving this news, Krueger resigned from his position from Penn State University the next day.

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  1. gregory miller

    I John's brother Bobby angles in Houston at spring woods high School, became friends, and I joined his family for a few months in Puerto Rico. Bobby told me about the Kruger event and that his brother was still in prison. After being released from prison, Bobby's brother John got his law license. The last time I saw Bobby was in 1971 when I was 21. I'm currently 72, and would love to meet up with Bobby again and also meet his brother John. I really hope that they're doing well

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