Sandwich Wench needs new manners

As an incoming freshman this past fall, I understood being required to purchase a meal plan. However, within these past months, I am hesitant to call Aramark and all of its services an acceptable means for a “meal plan.”

Including people such as the nicknamed “Sandwich Wench,” the regular worker serving the sandwiches seems in desperation of a long-term vacation. She has about as many social skills as a shrew, and I honestly think she’s incapable of smiling or even showing any signs of politeness or kindness.

Now, don’t get me wrong, she’s not the only intolerable Aramark employee, there are countless employed by Aramark working in Caf Belvin, the LSC food court, and the coffee/ smoothie shop on our campus who I believe should not be working, especially not in our public atmosphere.

The perky short man in Belvin who stares down any young women with wrongful and possibly perverse desires is absolutely revolting. Dealing with these intolerable people has put a damper on my feelings of the food service company, as well as the university for ignoring these issues. Not only do too many Aramark employed men stare at the young, female students audaciously, the people who serve throw together your food like feeding slop to a pig. Also, the fact that when you request something as simple as rice, you aren’t allowed to get it without its accompanying meaty sauce is ridiculous-especially to vegetarians, like myself and other SHSU students.

Another unexplainable and unreasonable aspect of Belvin specifically is their time management. No matter what circumstances make me come to Belvin at 8:49 p.m., it doesn’t make me get in the way of closing. Belvin closes at 9 p.m., not 8:49 p.m. and having 10 things to choose from instead of 40 to 50 limits me to eating rotting fruit chicken (which I refuse, as a vegetarian) and the indefinable contents of a “soup.” I suggest Belvin change its closing time or stop closing early because I know for a fact I’m not the only one having complaints about the closing time.

These intolerable settings have made me avoid Belvin, even though I have a meal plan. I’m utterly disgusted by Aramark, and I’m not alone. I suggest something change, or I know that the 80 percent of the student body who has a meal plan (whether or not they had to get it is irrelevant) will act out. This is ridiculous and no one, not staff, students, anyone should have to tolerate it.

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