SHRM to warm the needy this season

The SHSU Society for Human Resource Management is hosting a clothing and food drive from Nov. 18 until Dec. 5.Donation stations will be available on the first floor of the Smith-Hutson Business Building and the first and second floors of the Academic Building I.”All drop off boxes will be clearly marked,” said senior Stephan Funk. “We will be collecting the items daily and putting them in a storage.” Funk said the items would then be distributed between the Good Shepherd Mission and the SAAFE House of Huntsville. “Not every one has the good fortune to have warm clothes. We felt we needed to do something for the community before people left home and forgot about those in need,” said Funk.SHRM will accept all nonperishable food and any warm clothes for the winter, including blankets.”Places like SAAFE House get most of their funding from outside fundraisers. What ever the people of Huntsville can give is well needed. Even though most of us students are commuters, this is our community, too. We should help out if we can,” said senior Donavan Pitre.Michelle Berger, SAAFE House Volunteer and Public Educator Coordinator, said donations from the community were an important part of its funding. “We offer help to victims of sexual assault. This is a regular home, and we provide everything they need. Without help, many would not have the opportunity to have the things we all have,” said Berger. “I think it’s great that many SHSU organizations are hosting food and clothing drives around this time. It seems like everyone on campus is doing this, but it’s a good thing. This is an event that every organization can host and it will only better the community,” said freshman Tara Welle.The Society for Humane Resource Management has been a campus recognized organization for only a year. Funk said it is a small, but hard-working group of about eight active members. It is primary an organization for human resource students, but it is open to any interested student. “We are always looking for new members,” said Full.

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