SHSU Ducks Unlimited Chapter

Dear Editor,I was both excited and puzzled when I read the article “Ducks Unlimited to sponsor charity Fun Shoot Saturday” printed in The Houstonian on April 22, 2003. A two-year veteran of the group and an active alumni member, I am proud of what we stand for and the hard work that members have volunteered for our cause. It was great to have some of our goals reflected in this article. At the same time, some facts could have been reworded to sound more accurate. As a female member I am faced with those who combat my knowledge and capabilities, but comments and quotes were offensive toward myself and my belief of the SHSU DU Chapter. For instance, quotes from Josh Robbins were inaccurately published, stating “nice stuff there for women” implied that this gender could be the only interested in Official Ducks Unlimited Merchandise and hunting items. A female was also in the top 10 at last year’s First Annual Fun Shoot, which adds to the truth that “a lot of women” may not “just come out for the merchandise.” Though we are a minority, ladies strive equally toward the conservational effort and have a great time, too. No this is not just about my femininity; I was also equally concerned about the mention of alcohol and a co-ed fraternity. Our organization does not condone drinking while using a firearm. By National Ducks Unlimited policy, we cannot actually serve alcohol at an event. I am sure that Mr. Robbins wanted to be certain that those who are affiliated with other National DU events understood that this one was a little different. Because the use of firearms is involved, alcoholic beverages cannot be provided and beverages brought in are not the responsibility of the SHSU DU Chapter. As a student and conservational organization, we simply do not want to be responsible for such a liability or become recognized in this negative manner. While these things were alarming, I am appreciative of the positive information that was advertised. As I stated before, the broadcasting of our goals by The Houstonian was an awesome effort to let the student body know about SHSU DU! Thanks for you consideration, Shannon Clinard

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