SHSU, SFA ROTCs team up for relay

Sam Houston State and Stephen F. Austin ROTC will unite for a two-day relay from Huntsville to Nacogdoches.Cadets from both schools have volunteered to run this weekend in honor of Saturday’s big game. The teams consist of ten students from each school. Each student will run five miles. A fellow cadet will continue the run from the previous cadet’s stopping point.”It’s 110 miles from Huntsville to Nacogdoches,” said Lt. Vogelpohl, assistant recruiting officer. Vogelpohl said the SHSU cadets participating would be riding in government vans behind the runner. When a cadet reaches the 5-mile mark, another cadet from the van would then continue the race. “The race will end roughly around 3 p.m., north of Livingston on Highway 59. SFA will then pick-up at the 55 mile marker and run it.”SHSU will begin the race at 6 a.m. Oct. 18, at Bowers Stadium. The cadets will run halfway to Nacogdoches and before stopping. SFA will begin at the SHSU ending marker Saturday morning. “The marathon will stop somewhere in Nacogdoches. There, participates from both teams will take the ball into the field and the game will begin,” said Vogelpohl. “I don’t want to be part of the norm; that’s why I decided to join the race,” said Pvt. Marcus Douglas, freshman.Douglas said he was sure he would be able to run all five miles. “We have been physically training since day one.”He said the ROTC program required tall cadets to train three days out of the week. “The curriculum includes doing as many sit-ups and push-ups as possible under two minuets, and run for 16 minuets,” said Douglas.All members of the ROTC are welcome to join at the finish line and run with the ball into the stadium, said Vogelpohl. “It’s a great event. Although I will not be there, they have my support,” said freshman Pvt. Walter Karwacinski.

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