Sigma Chi claims SHSU flag football title

After weeks of competition, the Sigma Chi intramural flag football team earned the Men’s All-University championship title and will move on to compete regionally at a Baylor University tournament.Sigma Chi opened the post-season play competing with other teams in the Greek bracket.Sigma Phi Epsilon defeated Kappa Alpha, and Tau Kappa Epsilon defeated Phi Kappa Theta in round one of the Greek division. Sigma Phi Epsilon followed up by taking care of Theta Chi in round two. Delta Tau Delta advanced with a win over Sigma Nu, Sigma Tau Gamma defeated Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Chi beat Tau Kappa Epsilon, and Phi Delta Theta knocked Kappa Alpha out of the playoffs. In round three, Delta Tau Delta advanced to the semi-finals with a win over Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sigma Chi also advanced with a win over Sigma Tau Gamma.Phi Delta Theta beat both Tau Kappa Epsilon and the Sig Eps to earn a trip to the semi-finals, and Sigma Tau Gamma finished off Theta Chi to complete the semi-final bracket.Sigma Chi knocked Delta Tau Delta out and Sigma Tau Gamma beat Phi Delta Theta to set up the championship game. In the big game, Sigma Chi beat Sigma Tau Gamma for the Greek bracket championship.This is the second year in a row that Sigma Chi has claimed the Greek Men’s title.In the men’s orange division, Wrek-N-Crew beat D.O.A., Playamade Inc. took care of the TYP’s, the Scorpion Kings advanced with a win over Cen-Tex, DEM Wreckers defeated the Outlawz, the Great White Hype slid past Spicy Milk Chocolate and G.O.A.T. advanced with a win over Got Done. In round two, Vandalay Industries beat the Wrek-N-Crew, Playamade Inc. took care of the Scorpion Kings, Great White Hype knocked out the DEM Wreckers, and G.O.A.T. advanced past M.O.P.Vandalay Industries advanced to the title game with a win over Playamade Inc., while the Great White Hype defeated G.O.A.T.In the championship game, Vandalay Industries won the men’s orange title with a win over the Great White Hype. Sigma Chi claimed the SHSU Championship title after beating Vandalay Industries in a meeting of the Greek bracket and the Men’s Orange bracket.In the men’s white division, the BSM Brahmas advanced past team 182, the Titans beat the Texans, HEB defeated Team Name, the Gators earned a trip to the second round with a win over Segrum Seven, Phat Ballers advanced past OTB, Chode defeated the Knights, the Thugs took care of the Jaguars and Aztlan finished off the BSM Titans. The Sam Ruggers opened round two by advancing with a win over the BSM Brahmas, the Titans beating Da Kangs, HEB beating the Romeos, the Worms taking care of the Gators, Gas Monkeys overtaking the Phat Ballers, Clint’s Team cutting out Chode, the Thugs beating Last Chance, and Final Run clearing out Aztlan.The Titans advanced to the semi-finals with a win over Sam Ruggers, the Worms beat HEB, Gas Monkeys took care of Clint’s Team and Final Run beat the Thugs. The Worms beat the Titans and Final Run took care of the Gas Monkeys in the semi-finals. Final Run overtook the Worms in the championship for the Men’s White title.In the first round of Women’s Open, Alpha Delta Pi beat Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Chi Omega defeated The Servants and the Hard Hitters knocked out the Holy Terrors. In the semi-finals, Goin’ Deep took care of Alpha Delta Pi and Alpha Chi Omega defeated the Hard Hitters. Goin’ Deep won the women’s championship with a win over Alpha Chi Omega in the championship game.In round one of the co-rec orange division, Poles-N-Holes knocked out Beta Alpha Psi. Game Over, U-Lose, and Power Hour all had byes in the first round. Poles-N-Holes advanced to the championship game with a win over Game Over and Power Hour defeated U-Lose in round two. Power Hour over powered Poles-N-Holes for the title in the championship game. In the first round of the co-rec white division, CSC Crusaders defeated By Any Means and Spivey Sting beat the Crawford Chaos. In the semi-finals, Nighthawk 2000 beat the CSC Crusaders and Kats For Christ advanced past Spivey Sting.In the championship, Nighthawk 2000 won the co-rec white title, beating Kats For Christ.

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