Sign of the Apocalypse

I have found the sign of the apocalypse right here at Sam. Actually, the impending apocalypse has been in our midst for quite some time, only many of us have failed to notice it. I am not speaking of doomsday comets or hordes of mimes; I am speaking of the lack of motivation exhibited by many students at this university. It appears to me that many students feel that they need not read their books or attend class to receive a passing grade. They blame their failures on “inept” professors who are too “hard” or who are big “meanies.” News flash: Life ‘ain’t’ fair! How sad it is when grown adults act like little spoiled brats in expecting something for nothing (grades without work). These “brats” are graduating and, in my opinion, lowering the pool of talent in the workplace the modern-day equivalent of inbreeding. It also seems a shame that professors feel compelled to offer “curves” to placate the masses of underachieving students and thus inoculate themselves from criticism. Don’t get me wrong, I like a curve as much as the next guy; however, professors should not have to massively curve grades to pass students who haven’t the faintest idea of any concept that the teacher has presented to the class. This does not help anyone; basically “dumb” people will leave this university and take jobs that intelligent and hard-working people would like to have, and secondly it lowers the value of an education if you can literally “buy” a degree without expending any time or effort.I have never taken a test or quiz at any school that could not be passed by simply reading the material. Therefore, I propose a radical new study method for all students: read your books and attend class. This would prevent the “wailing and gnashing of teeth” that seems to arrive like clockwork after each big exam, and increase the value of our education. God have mercy on us all if these students who are not disciplined enough to read a simple textbook get into positions of power (i.e., Congress or CEO) and must make choices that affect us all the effect would be apocalyptic.

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