Sniper, accomplice could receive death penalty

Suspected sniper killer John Allen Muhammad and his alleged accomplice, John Lee Malvo, could face the death sentence if convicted in certain states. Muhammad, 41, and Malvo, 17, were arrested Oct. 24 in connection with the three-week killing spree that left 10 people in the Washington, D.C. area dead and another three injured. A 20-page complaint and a supporting affidavit were filed yesterday, naming Muhammad responsible for the deaths and claiming that Muhammad had nicknamed Malvo “Sniper” months before the killings. Malvo was not named in the complaint or affidavit, because he is underage. However, the affidavit did refer to Malvo, calling him a John Doe who contributed to the crimes.The federal death penalty is not relevant to juveniles, but Malvo could receive the death sentence if he is convicted in Alabama or Virginia.Many SHSU students believe the suspects should receive the death penalty.”They had the nerve to go out there and kill people, so let the punishment fit the crime,” said sophomore Stanley Barr.Sophomore Lisa Fong agreed with Barr. “They killed so many people, so they deserve it,” she said.Muhammad’s ex-wife and son said in an exclusive interview on “Larry King Live” that they think Muhammad should receive the death penalty.”If you can sit back in a car and kill someone… if he sat in a car and shot innocent people, if they find him guilty for that, yes,” ex-wife Carol Williams said on the show.Muhammad’s son, Lindbergh Williams concurred. “Even though he’s my father, in my eyes you reap what you sow. If you did it, you were man enough to do it, you are man enough to pay the consequences,” he said. The two were arrested after being spotted in a blue 1990 Chevy Caprice, the car that police were looking for in connection with the sniper killings. Inside the car, police found a Bushmaster rifle, .223 caliber bullet and a cotton glove that matched evidence found at the crime scenes. In addition, a global positioning system unit and a laptop computer were discovered in the vehicle.Malvo was charged with murder and attempted murder along with Muhammad in Montgomery County, Md., three counties in Virginia, and a related attack in Montgomery, Ala. The two are also suspects in a February murder in Tacoma, Wash.Authorities in Montgomery, Ala., want both Muhammad and Malvo to be punished by lethal injection. “We intend to aggressively pursue the death penalty in our case,” Police Chief John Wilson said in a press meeting last Friday.Muhammad is the primary suspect in a fatal liquor store robbery last month. Wilson said that a Montgomery officer identified Muhammad’s face in a photo lineup immediately, cringing as he recognized the shooter.Malvo’s fingerprint was found on a weapons pamphlet outside the liquor store after the shooting.

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