Someone out there for everyone

Kudos, to you Ms. Bottos, on your excellent written editorial on the single life. I’m one of the single “minority” here on campus. I’ve had lots of women who are friends in a platonic sense with me, and that’s all right for me–yet, I remain single.

It’s why most of the time, I dread Valentine’s Day, because while the “majority” will be out dating, I get to sit at home, and watch reruns on TV Land and Nick at Nite, and drown my loneliness with a bag of potato chips. (Okay, for those of you who know me, yes that’s how I do spend a lot of my Friday nights!)

To respond to your question, I believe in love. It comes eventually. You never know when exactly it will strike. I think that there is some special woman out there for me. But I just don’t know who it is or when I’ll meet her.

And if I’m doomed to spend the remainder of my small, pitiful existence on God’s green Earth as a single guy dating a different girl each week, then so be it. I’ll just accept it. But I know that there is a woman out there for me somewhere. But who it is…remains a mystery.

As for the trends in dating, I haven’t had that much experience in that field. To me a date, involves dinner and a movie, or dancing, or just talking intelligently all night. If it turns out well, I’d ask the girl if she wanted a second date.

To me, intelligent conversation is a must if you want to impress a girl. I like to take things nice and slowly, and if a relationship develops out of it, it will, and if my date’s not the one, oh well.

I have the strange premonition that if she is the one for me, I’ll know in my mind. My mind will force me to sum up the courage to ask that girl out. And if I want tips on how to date, I simply turn to my friends for the advice. You can never tell how much wisdom you can learn from your friends. Sometimes, I have even allowed my friends to set me up on a blind date (so far without success).

Do you think that all of those setbacks have made me reconsider the existence of love? Absolutely, positively NO–simply because I have faith and confidence in myself. I still believe in the fact that someone is out there for me.

So, in closing, I haven’t given up on finding that special woman yet. I know that she is out there. Love strikes, but you have to be ready for it to strike. My advice to you fellow single people is to not give up and keep looking.

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