Star Wars Demolition: Bring out your inner Storm Trooper

There have been many Star Wars games produced in the market for Playstation and other video game consoles. Many of these I have tried with little to my liking, but then I tried Star Wars Demolition. I found that it was a very entertaining game and could be played for hours. In the game, you get to choose from several crafts that are taken from the movie to battle it out with other crafts to see who finishes last. This game has a resemblance thats not too far away from Twisted Metal. For those of you that arent familiar with Twisted Metal, this game is a racing battle between several automobiles trying to destroy each other. As you collect such weapons as concussion missiles, proton torpedos and laser cannons, you must survive against the others in an all-out battle for victory. In this style of battle, you get to choose from several types of machines such as Boba Fett in a rocket pack, a pod racer, a landspeeder and a desert skiff. This game even allows two players to adventure on a co-op mission or go head to head. It also allows such features as a droid hunt where you fly around searching for droids to destroy. It has many different sets of games and missions you can play. This game can be challenging and full of surprises as you play through it. I feel that it is a great game to play and could provide hours of entertainment.

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