STARS exposes what guys really want

What exactly do guys want? Starting Together Achieving Resident Success, an organization affiliated with Residence Halls Association, plans to answer that question in its forum, “What a Guy Wants”, on Oct. 22.STARS, is a health and wellness organization that addresses fitness, nutrition, stress, weight, organization and time and money management.”It’s what I consider the Super Wal-Mart of organizations,” said Sheena Moon, STARS president. She said it doesn’t just relate to minorities or any one topic, she said. “We’re trying to make a difference through teamwork.”Since the organization began in the spring semester of 2001, it has offered a program for students each week. Next week, the program “What a Guy Wants” will host a panel of seven guys that will answer that very question. “We’re going to have a graduate student, a fraternity guy, a music buff, a religious guy, an athlete, a health-conscious guy and an uninvolved guy,” Moon said. The panel will range in age from an 18-year-old freshman to a 23-year-old grad student because, Moon said, it is unfair to get just one opinion.Everyone is invited to this open discussion in the LSC Room 307 at 7 p.m. Students can anonymously drop questions in a box in the lobby of Elliott Hall or bring questions to the forum.Last month, STARS hosted a self-defense class taught by a UPD officer. “We had a good turnout,” Moon said. Other programs sponsored by STARS are alcohol awareness, body imaging, stress busters, money management and the Love Doctor.The Love Doctor is held once a month to discuss relationships, love and sex. “It’s a very popular program,” Moon said.Body imaging is a program that examines the media’s portrayal of an ideal woman as thin and petite. “People open up in these programs, and you find out things about others you never knew,” Moon said. “You think something like anorexia isn’t around you.”Students that attend develop and maintain healthy lifestyles, receiving a full body makeover. Edna Obi, a SHSU graduate and Resident Advisor veteran, founded STARS in 2001 wanting to make a difference in her life. She wanted to see positive changes in her health and lifestyle, but she could not do it alone. She began an organization that would provide support to make positive changes.After starting the organization that semester, Obi earned a 4.0 GPA with 19 hours, dropped two dress sizes and improved her organization skills. STARS offers programs focusing on eating habits, exercise, time management and organization. One program offers a tour of the HKC.STARS holds a banquet each year to recognize accomplishments in weight loss, grade point averages and other lifestyle changes.Any men interested in being on the panel next week should contact Sheena J. Moon at 294-3022. STARS is looking for guys who are strongly involved in a particular organization or hobby like photography, acting, or leadership positions such as the president of an organization.Come to the LSC Room 307 Oct. 22 to find out what men really want or if they even have any idea.

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