Stuck in Hunts-vegas

As Spring Break 2003 rolls upon us as it has so many other times in the past, many students are faced with the challenge and dilemma of what to do with an entire week free of class. With exception of those fortunate few, (you know, the ones you hate), that are going to tropical beaches or all-inclusive resorts; most Bearkats will keep their plans inside Texas.

Being the second largest state in the country, one would think that would leave Texans plenty of options to have fun, and for the most part this is true.

Unfortunately, even here in the Lone Star State it costs money to have fun and even the stuff that’s free takes at least two hours by car just to get there.

What about the rest of us? What’s left for us to do? Should we risk a trip home and leave ourselves susceptible to the overwhelming number of questions and potential parental hazing? That doesn’t sound like fun to me.

So, what are the ones of us who are stuck here in Hunts-Vegas supposed to do; besides eat?

Here are what some of the “left behind” students had to say about their Spring Break agendas.

Many students said they plan to spend the free time relaxing away from the stress of their college studies.

“Besides work, I’ll be at home all week getting my mind and body right with some couch cardio (exercise),” senior Jeff Flowers said. “I’d hate to be lazy and not do anything.”

“I’m planning on using the week to recuperate from the semester,” senior Susan Krocak said. “Clear my mind and watch a lot of satellite TV.”

“I plan on spending my week sitting on the couch watching some ‘Half-Baked,'” sophomore Michelle Kubiak said. “It just depends on if I’m properly motivated.”

Other students will spend part of the week working and part of it visiting their hometowns.

“Since I’m financially strapped, I’ll be working, trying to save up money for after Spring Break,” senior Jesse Standridge said.

“I’m working, but I’m going to try to go home to Sabinal (West Texas) if I can, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to drive 300 miles there with gas and smokes being so expensive.” Junior Marisa Adams said.

Senior Ryan Nixon said he is looking forward to watching the SHSU men’s basketball team compete in the playoffs.

“Hopefully I’ll be watching our boys (SHSU men’s basketball) ballin’ in the tournament,” Nixon said. “Besides that, I’m not doing jack-unless you call driving to my grandmother’s in Tyler ‘doing something.'”

As a whole, most students share the common denominator regarding Spring Break; do as little as possible involving school while attempting to save some cash.

Myself, I too will be working part of the time and the rest of it patiently awaiting an invitation from a beautiful, bright-eyed girl to take me anywhere else besides here.

Sure, it may not happen but it’s wishful thinking.

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