Student Activities thanks staff and departments for help

On behalf of the Department of Student Activities, I want to thank you for your kind words in the last edition of The “Houstonian.” The sentiment that you expressed gave us an extra injection of excitement and appreciation to get through one of the busiest weeks of the year for us. I cannot tell you what it meant to both the professional and student staff that worked some really long hours last week.

In your evaluation of the Department of Student Activities, you mentioned my name specifically. While I appreciate the recognition, I am probably the last person who should have been mentioned. I have the privilege of working with some of the most exciting, creative and dedicated students and staff at the university. As a matter of fact, when I wake up in the morning and realize that I have yet another opportunity to work with these gifted people, I am grateful for my job. Sometimes I am really amazed that I get paid to have so much fun.

Here are some of the folks that certainly deserve to have their names in print: Malana Woodson, a graduate assistant who spearheaded all of Homecoming for the department; Jay McCormick, another graduate assistant who coordinated Sam Jam and all of this semester’s pre-game parties; Amber Van Roekel, Tiffany Nichols and the Program Council, who programmed both Tuesday and Thursday night in addition to volunteering at all of the weeks events. Cynthia Studenko, a student assistant who has coordinated the Homecoming parade for the past three or four years. Wasn’t it absolutely fantastic? Jason McBroom, a student assistant/handyman who designed and built the carnival games we used throughout the week. Myron Branford, a graphic artist who designed those great T-shirts that everybody has been asking about, and the host of other student assistants who hung posters, passed out fliers, blew up balloons, hauled tables and sandwich boards and cleaned up after each event. These are the real people who deserve all of the credit.

Additionally, events like Homecoming, Welcome Week and the Tree of Life could not happen without the assistance of several other university departments including the Physical Plant (Richard, James, Eldon & George are the best electricians/ angels on this side of heaven, the University Police Department, Administrative Accounting, the Cashier’s Office, Department of Recreational Sports, Office of Student Life and the Office of the Vice-president for Student Services. The staff in these departments also deserve a big “thank you” from us and the entire student body. Without them there would be no events.

Finally, I want to thank three other groups. First, the students who have come out to the events have been awesome. Although we have not had a T-shirt for every single person at every single event, I have seen so many students just coming out and enjoying themselves. Second, the student organizations which continue to support the events are invaluable. You know who you are and you make our jobs so much easier. Third, thanks to The “Houstonian.” You are always patient with us with our last minute ads. You seek us out when you think there are stories to be written. You let us know when you appreciate our work and you recognize that we do our jobs for the students. Special thanks to Shannon Leonard for a great guest column and to the Viewpoints folks for your kind words.

I really appreciate it.

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